Smart Solutions

Our sensor systems are ideal for adding containment monitoring to existing sites.
No need to break ground, install new wiring or add conduit.

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The advantage of wired systems without the cost

Beaudreau's sensors can operate as stand-alone, or as part of a system that uses your existing 110 or 220 VAC power to communicate, so you can have a continuously monitored system without adding significant cost.


Containment Sump Liquid Sensors

  • Our containment sump liquid sensors are available as discriminating or non-discriminating

  • Non-discriminating liquid sensors (DCS140L/NL) can be used as stand-alone or as part of a powerline system

  • Discriminating sensors (DCS140D), as part of a powerline system, activate fuel or water alarms and can optionally shut down products

PL140 Powerline Sensor Systems

  • PL140 sensor-controller units communicate alarm status to each other (red dashed lines)

  • Communicates over existing power wiring, so new conduit or cable is NOT required

  • PLS-10 notification unit continuously updates alarm status (blue dashed lines)

  • Can be programmed to report alarms, act as a standalone or used for positive shutdown

ILON-PL-1 Remote Monitoring Option

  • Remote monitoring device wired into existing power inside station

  • ILON-PL-1 continuously monitors status of powerline sensors

  • Sensor status and email notification accessible via secure internet

LD140 Stand-Alone Containment Sump Sensor Kit

  • Can be wired for use with 110 or 220 VAC

  • No conduit or monitoring system required

  • Installs directly into existing junction box

  • Shuts off dispenser or turbine power on alarm