Smart Solutions

Our sensor systems are ideal for adding monitoring to existing sites.
No need to break ground, install new wiring or add conduit.

Containment Sump
Stand-Alone Sensor
Powerline Sensor

The advantage of wired systems without the cost

Beaudreau's sensors can operate as stand-alone, or as part of a system that uses your existing 110 or 220 VAC power to communicate, so you can have a continuously monitored system without adding significant cost.


Containment Sump Liquid Sensors

  • Our containment sump liquid sensors are available as latching (DCS140L) or non-latching (DCS140NL), and can be used in dispenser or turbine sumps

  • Latching sensors require manual reset after going into alarm, while non-latching sensors reset automatically after liquid is removed

  • Our containment sump liquid sensors can be used as stand-alone or as part of a powerline system

Interstitial Liquid Sensors

  • Our DCS140-LP liquid sensor at just 1" high is designed to monitor dry interstitial spaces of double-walled fiberglass tanks

  • Our DCS140-IS liquid sensor at less than 2" wide is designed to monitor 2" interstitial riser pipes of double-walled steel tanks

  • Interstitial liquid sensors can operate as stand-alone or as part of a powerline system


PL140 Powerline Sensor Systems

  • A powerline sensor system is a network of PL140 sensor-controller units and a PLS-10 notification unit, communicating over existing power wiring

  • Each PL140 unit consists of a DCS140 containment sump or interstitial sensor attached to a powerline controller

  • The small (under 5" square) PLS-10 notification unit inside the station receives notifications and shows alarm status

  • The system can be programmed to report alarms, act as a stand-alone or used for positive shutdown

ILON-PL-1 Remote Monitoring Option

  • The ILON-PL-1 remote notification unit uses existing power wiring continuously receives updates from PL140 powerline controllers

  • Automatically sends email notifications when sensor alarms are received

  • Can be securely accessed remotely via internet to check sensor status

LD140 Stand-Alone Containment Sump Sensor Kit

  • Each LD140 unit consists of a DCS140 containment sump or interstitial sensor and a stand-alone controller that cuts power on alarm

  • The LD140 stand-alone controller can be wired for use with 110 or 220 VAC power (available option for 3 phase power)

  • No conduit or monitoring system required, wires directly into existing dispenser or turbine junction box